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Rivals McQuaid & Canisius H.S Unite for Juvenile Diabetes with 8 Day, 340 Mile Row on Erie Canal

A personal campaign sponsored by Canisius & McQuaid High School Crew
March 26, 2012 — November 16, 2012

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McQuaid and Canisius High School have completed their 8 day, 340 mile row down the Erie Canal. We arrived on schedule at 12:30 pm on Thursday, June 21 at the Waterford Visitor Center in Waterford, NY. Our campaign will continue until July 6, 2012. All proceeds will be donated to JDRF.

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Reid Yankowski, John Ruh, Jr. Sam Hausmann, Mark Hirschbeck and
Jack Sardinia, Owen Ogiony
Canisius High School 2013

Cameron Pizzo,Greg Klumpp, Loudon Blake, Andrew Dardaris, Tommy Davis, Steven DiFiore and Grant Gifford
McQuaid High School 2013



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