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September 30, 2013 — June 1, 2014

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Avery Stevenson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 10 years old. She's determined to help find a cure for herself and other kids that have to face this disease. This is her story...

I felt slow. Really Slow! A little girl, in 4th grade shouldn’t feel that way. Falling asleep in class, not being able to see straight, and always tired, I couldn’t keep myself awake. I was eating so much, but still losing weight, I didn’t even recognize my own body and my legs were just as skinny as my arms…

Then, we went on vacation, with all my friends. On the car ride there... I had to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes. I was so embarrassed. I’m in the car with all my friends, and I have to complain to their moms that I need to stop AGAIN. Finally we get there, and we go out to eat. I was so Thirsty, I ran straight to the fountain drinks, and drank soda after soda. My blood sugar spiked up so fast that I started throwing up in the parking lot. Miserable. We went to our condo; and I went straight to bed, in the middle of the day. Waking up every couple of minutes to get a drink and go to the bathroom. All of the fun activities I didn’t want to do, I just wanted to stay at home and sleep. That is not what I would normally do! My mom called the doctor and we scheduled an appointment.

The next morning at the doctor’s office, I get my first finger prick, not having a clue that I would be doing that every meal for the rest of my life. The nurse never told me my blood glucose level. The doctor just came in telling us to rush the hospital as fast as we can. I had Type 1 Diabetes.

I remember the car ride to the hospital like it was yesterday, driving, having no clue what I was getting into… I remember sitting in the passenger seat and my Mom calling my Grandma, my Aunts and Uncles, all of our family. She started crying. I remember asking myself questions, why is my Mom crying? Will I be ok? Should I be scared? But I wasn’t scared at all, and I told my mom that is was going to be ok…

We get to the hospital, get to my room, and everyone was running around me, like I wasn’t human. Pricking my finger, giving me shots, hooking me up to machines. And then the rush stopped. It was just my mom, my dad, and I in the room. It didn’t seem real. The first night at the hospital it starts to sink in, I cried that night. And then everyday, for three days straight, I learned about Type 1 Diabetes. Learned about what my new life was going to be like.

I want to help other kids with Type 1 Diabetes because I remember those first few nights as the scariest of my life. Lots of weird people coming in and out, but still I felt like I was all alone. I believe I can help other kids because I know exactly what they are going through…I understand. I want to make sure nobody gets left behind in the fight against this disease. No one should have to do this alone.

Avery, 12

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