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Daniel Gay

Run for Henry

Dear Family and Friends,

On October 15, 2011, I will be running in the Hartford Marathon. I will be running to raise money and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), a charity that has recently become very close and dear to my heart.

On November 17 of last year my energetic and full of life 2 year old, Henry, became very ill and lethargic. I’ll never forget the phone call from my wife telling me she was heading to the hospital because Henry had all the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. I had heard of diabetes, but never fully understood the magnitude of the disease. At that moment I felt like my world was crumbling around me and I made the decision to do everything possible to make Henry's life the very best it could be.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body's immune system attacks and destroys certain cells in the pancreas. These cells normally produce insulin, a hormone that helps the body move the glucose contained in food into cells throughout the body, which use it for energy. But when the cells are destroyed no insulin can be produced and the glucose stays in the blood instead, where it can cause serious damage to all the organ systems of the body.

For this reason, people with type 1 diabetes must take insulin in order to stay alive. This means undergoing multiple injections daily or having insulin delivered through an insulin pump and testing their blood sugar by pricking their fingers 8-15 times a day. People with diabetes must also carefully balance their food intake and exercise to regulate their blood sugar levels in an attempt to prevent life-threating reactions.

I am so inspired by my 3 year old who has such will and determination to not allow this disease to stop him from doing anything. He has incredible strength to battle this disease every day. He is my motivation to push through 26.2 miles. Please join with me in this cause so that one day my son Henry and millions of others can live a life not dependent on daily insulin injections.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to support me in this cause and help advance the mission of JDRF.


About JDRF:
For the past 40 years JDRF has funded significant amounts of research in the advancement of type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adults suddenly and lasts a lifetime. They are the worldwide leader in funding research to find better treatments and a cure. It sets the global agenda for type 1 diabetes research, and is the largest charitable funder of diabetes science worldwide. To date, JDRF has funded more than $1.5 billion in diabetes research, including nearly $107 million in fiscal year 2010.