Upcoming Events

Date Event
2011/07/0907/09/2011 Patrick Hagerty 2011 JDRF Charity Event, Edgewood Elementary School - New York, New York
2013/01/1801/18/2013 Hope Mobile, Diabetes Awareness Campaign, Mid Hudson Medical Center - Poughkeepsie, New York
2013/04/1304/13/2013 Texas Hold Em Tournament-Kenosha, Birchwood Grill - 7515 125th Ave - Kenosha, Wisconsin
2013/08/0308/03/2013 Dance with Diabetes Zumbathon Event, Rose Park Elementary School - Salt Lake City, Utah
2013/09/1309/13/2013 COMMUTE for a CURE 2013/2014
2013/09/2809/28/2013 2013 T1Day Campaign Page
2013/11/0311/03/2013 2013 ING NYC Marathon - Nov. 3, 2013, New York City - New York City, New York
2014/01/1101/11/2014 Cycling for a Cure, Sweat Therapy Fitness - Tallahassee, Florida
2014/04/0504/05/2014 BIG PETE'S SUPERHERO RUN, J. Travis Price Park, 4155 Wilkes Road - Springfield, Tennessee
2014/04/0504/05/2014 JDRF April Fool's Half Marathon, Revel Casino - New Jersey Ave - Atlantic City, New Jersey
2014/04/1204/12/2014 JDRF CRAFT SHOW FOR A CURE, Clarion Church of the Nazerene - Clarion, Pennsylvania
2014/05/0305/03/2014 Relay Rutherford 2014, Starting Line - Eagleville, TN - Rutherford County, Tennessee
2014/05/1705/17/2014 South Alabama JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, South Beach Park (at Fairhope Pier) - Fairhope, Alabama
2014/06/2206/22/2014 4th Annual SPoker Ride, Caughlin Athletic Club - Reno, Nevada
2014/07/0407/04/2014 Run 100 Miles in One Day, Bay Area - San Jose, California
2014/10/2510/25/2014 Monster Dash, Faulkner Park - Tyler, Texas
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